These are some of my Published Articles.

Year 2014
• An article got published on Women’s day in Novelist Magazine an e-magazine March Edition.
• 2nd article got published again in the Novelist Magazine an e-magazine in April edition.
• A Short story gets published in an anthology book called “Once Upon A Time..”

Year 2015
• A Short Story gets Published in an anthology book called “Winged Heart”

Year 2016
• A Short story gets published in an anthology book called “Catalogue, a menu of memories.”

Year 2017
• 3 short stories get published in Reflection W&R an e-magazine in Jan-Fab Edition.


Year 2018
• April: Article gets published on Desi Musings website.


• April: Kalaage Magazine published An article both in print and e-magazine.


• May: Poem gets published on Desi Musings website.


• May: An article gets published on Desi Musings


• May: Keemiya Creative published my guest post on its blogging website.

• May: Literaura published my article
Have been a content writer contributor at Literaura


• July Blog article published on a Canada based cosmetics blog site Vasant Cosmetics.

Year 2019
• An article published in Keemiya Creatives Newsletter.

• An article published on Women’s web.


My poem book in an e-book format available on Amazon.


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