H- Hate

So finally my laptop is working today. It had some virus and now it’s detected and treated I guess.So now I can finally write my ….

G- Goals.

  I am currently reading ” The God of Small things” by Arundhati Roy, and till now its going great. Every page I turn it ….

E- Escape.

There comes a time in life where we feel malaise in life. All the energy inside us is getting drained out and a pensive air ….

D- Dear Diary

Do you love diaries? I used to write some stupid writeups in my diary during my childhood and then I found out that my elder ….

C- Cecelia Ahern

So my laptop is still not working and I have to write this post through my phone which is a little uncomfortable. Ramadan have started, ….

B- Books

It’s the perfect day to talk about books. why? Because I received both the novels that I had ordered last week. And to be honest, ….

A- Adventure

Adventure, we all love it. But we keep lurking it. Adventure is something that is on our mind since the time we are growing and ….