The Social Dilemma- We all have become Zombies…

I know… I know…

I am a WEEK late.

But you see, I am multi tasking so many things and since past one month I have been like working round the clock, suddenly I feel exhausted. I haven’t been to the gym for a week giving an excuse I have pending work to do, and honestly, I didn’t even do half of it. -_-

I feel that I have been going too hard on my self, (do I have a choice? duh!).

I am facing social dilemma since past few days. I am tired of checking the likes, comments, how much my blog is doing well, what more can I do to reach more audience. It’s EXHAUSTING.

Pic Credit- Netflix.

Have you watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix? Watch it… It’s so scary and to the point.

Read this as I found this truly amazing view and an in-depth about the documentary

As much as Social media and all the new technologies have been quite really useful and given us an advantage to cut of the geographical gap, and have brought people closer to each other. And a lot more to add on…

Perhaps, it’s also made us zombies. 90’s kids would surely remember during school days we often wrote essays on how computers/technology will rule humans one day.

The day, the time is here… Technology, especially social media is ruling us and we all are already aware, but we are doing nothing about it.

Indian news channels are more involved with drug usage by Bollywood stars and how they are ruining some lives.

But what about us? We all are being drugged by social media and we are complete in control and highly addicted to it.

We have no choice. Be it influencers, freelancers, every kind of business needs social media now. Because social media is the real boss.

Even if we wish to avoid social media, we can’t. Because the growth of business relies on social media these days. The algorithm of different social media platforms, the keyword research, SEO, engagement, everything has to be taken care off, if one wishes to grow their business and reach more customers…

I myself am finding social media a bit too exhausting even though I have just started to grow my Instagram and blog engagement only since a month and I am already tired.

Like seriously, every day wake up, post a picture with as many related keywords and hashtags. Make sure to use the one’s that are actually being used the most only to impress Instagram algorithm. Research and make sure your blog posts have the SEO keywords, write accordingly to impress Google’s algorithm, share your pictures and blog posts on different social media platform. Try to master every social media platform to reach more audience.

Picture credit – Unsplash by @georgiadelotz

Google and every other social media platform just wants us to be hooked to our mobile phones and laptops, and stick to it all the time, all day, everyday…Sometimes it’s so frustrating…But do we have a choice?

We are being used in every possible way. If you watch the documentary, you will also realize, we are being watched and calculated all the time. That’s how we are being used to stay on social sites and that’s how you end up being on Instagram, Facebook for hours and hours and you don’t even realize.

The Netflix documentary gives us a scary insight about how social media companies are using us as their slaves and even though they are highly important in today’s times they are also highly addictive and harmful in many ways…

From what are you eating, to where you are, what are you doing everything is on social media. Some one in your family dies, rather than talking to your family, rather talking to a close friend, we put our thoughts on social media first.

In fact, here I am doing the same. It is also because I hardly have people with whom I can share these thoughts, I hardly have friends with whom I have common things I could share. And also because this is my place to rant and maybe some one out there would get aware of the fact that social media is useful but also toxic.

If you post your picture on social media and if you don’t get more likes, you start to feel as if you are not beautiful? Your confidence starts to shake, if you are a writer and if you don’t get enough likes and comments you feel you are not a good writer?

Picture credit- Unsplash by @notso

If you are an artist and even though your art is amazing, perhaps you are not able to gain more audience engagement your confidence starts to get messed up…

Everything from our beauty, to our body, to our talent and art, everything is measured as worthy or not only and only by social media…

Why do you think our mental health is so messed up? Why every other person is depressed? Why suicides have become so normal. Not that these did not exist before social media existed, but then we had real people around us to talk to, the warmth of a human touch, human presence cannot be replaced by social media or technology…

I am ranting here but tomorrow when this blog post goes live, I will have to go back to the zombie cycle and share, post, try to gain more audience attention…

I wish social media was also like a shop, open and available till this and this time and then shut… We could get back to our normal lives… Perhaps, it’s not possible anymore…

illustrated by me obviously :p

What we can do?

Try to limit your usage, put a timer and use social media only for that much of time.

Do not to get affected by the likes and comments. You and your work is worth more than those likes and comments

There are aaps available to pre-plan your postings and with just one click you share your post on every social media platform in one go… I myself am experimenting with some, will try have an in depth post about my experience.

Read books and honestly this is the best and most amazing thing to do than stick to your phone and gain nothing just waste your time. By reading your perspectives change, you become more open mind and you tend to become more accepting…

Involve yourself in some sort of art, be it cooking, or any kind of art. Take a day off from your cell phone and get involved in your hobbies.

Try to catch up with your friends, call them rather texting, do a video call as it’s still not much possible to have meet overs.

Exercise or do yoga.

Try to keep your phone away an hour before you sleep and when you wake up, try to have a look at your phone after an hour or so… (Look who is giving this advice. LOL! :D) Honestly, we need to do this.

Therefore, as all this has taken a toll on me, I have decided to take a break on every Sunday from doing any kind of work and maybe just read and laze around, stay a bit more organized… (Honestly, I still am a mess…So is this world), so I can get recharged for the zombiness to follow ( I don’t think it’s a word but you got me. Right?)

Irony is I am editing this blog post on a Sunday and doing some illustration work for the upcoming week to post… (I told you I am mess!)

So this is it for today…

By the way, how have you been?

Stay safe and Stay Strong… 🙂

Also, let me know your views in the comment section below about social media being toxic and if you have watched the Netflix documentary on the same…

105 thoughts on “The Social Dilemma- We all have become Zombies…

    1. sometimes, yes it’s okay to ignore but most of the times when someone is trying to make their passion as their only means of income it becomes difficult to leave out the technical stuffs

  1. The documentary is superb!
    I myself was on a social media detox for the past 2 months and have again rejoined only for the MyFriendAlexa challenge. Unfortunately enough blogging cant be successful without social media. But the sad part is all of this has taken the fun out of a once extremely enjoyable experience.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. We have become so addicted to social media and our phones that we forget to have real conversations too. Love all the details and what can be done the most

  3. Social media is my work and we must not forget it was the only solace for some of us and helped us survive the loneliness of the pandemic, however, yes any addiction is bad as you rightly said.
    Also isn’t Netflix also an addiction? Just thinking aloud 🙂

  4. The Social Dilemma on Netflix was such an eye-opener. OMG!! Seriously this is what social media does to you? I am glad I practice a few tips that you shared. Never let likes on posts bother me and switch off the phone at night.

  5. I watched this and I was so scared. I’m not a frequent SM user but yes, as I writer I need to surface more often than Id like. I know what you mean when you talk about the addiction.

  6. Can’t agree more, great post, and good pointers.
    A recent watch of #TheSocialDilemma made me think again for all we are getting addicted to.
    Don’t let technology Checkmate humanity… don’t be a computing element programmed on behavioral manipulation…

  7. I have heard a lot about the show but still didn’t watch it. You are right about being slaves to social media but there is not much choice. We are all dependent on it and its high time we realise it.

  8. There are apps available to pre-plan your postings and with just one click you share your post on every social media platform in one go…Please enlighten me about this..Plzzzzzzzzz..I am 56 and started this journey at 50!! believe me it’s more than exhausting..I just go with the flow as I am technically challenged..great info there

  9. Social media can become an addiction but it’s in your capacity to control yourself and decide what is in your best interests. We cannot control anyone else but ourselves. we have to measure our growth basis our own criteria. We have to run our own race and compete with self and no one else and then let me tell you the likes and comments will not matter. Been there, done that and I can say based on my experience as a blogger for the last 5 years. I haven’t watched Social Dilemma but have heard good reviews so I guess I should watch it.

  10. Indeed, social media has made us into nothing more than zombies living on the blood of other’s posts, other’s lives and quite often, doctored truths! It’s time for a refresh, but unfortunately, covid has been pushing us deeper into the webs of the… world wide web!

  11. Couldn’t agree more. Social media should be used for one’s benefit and not let it rule our lives. Am so inspired to watch the show ‘The Social Dilemma’.

  12. Social media with its many vices is also one of the best ways for bloggers like us to get traffic to our blogs and find relevant work. It is a double-edged sword and one needs to make conscious choices about how they want to use it and how much.

  13. Would love to watch Social Dilemma.. And see how much I can relate with it. Most of us are going through FOMO.. This is scary.

  14. Wow what a documentary it was. I have been recommending it to everyone possible to watch it. And an equally worthy write up. Keep up the amazing work.

    #MyFriendAlexa #Jokerophilia

  15. Even i have seen the documentary it’s astonishing how they can predict our behaviour by our searches and tempt us by showing similar advertisement or places.
    They promote our addiction

  16. I feel one should not take social media as part of their personal life. It is just a part of society. Some are being accepted, some may not. That doesn’t mean one is not good ! Don’t let it overpower our real worth.
    Going watch the series soon #lifemarblesRead

  17. Social Dilemma is really a great documentary. But I am wondering how many days will its effect linger in our mind? Its only a question of time that we get back to our newly learned habits. But I am sure that with persistence we can take control over our lives once again.

  18. I have watched this documentary and my screen time is also very very high. Obviously I am addicted to various apps on my phone but after watching this documentary, I am practising that I should stop making opinions on the basis of social media posts specially political opinions as they focused on political polarization.

  19. Uhhh Yes! Over the last 3 years I used to post religiously almost every day. But this year, I put a stop to it and there’s a nagging feeling. At some point it became work rather than enjoyment. And torture, when I didn’t get enough likes! I’m now trying to figure out the right space for social media in my life.

    1. that’s amazing. I understand and can relate how hectic and super frustrating it becomes. Algorithm really messes a lot…
      thanks for visiting by means a lot.

  20. Nice post. Social Dilemma – a heavy term actually. It’s true that we can’t ignore social media in today’s time but sometime it’s better to take a break also. That’s what I feel.

  21. I watched this last month and it was scary. I agree with you that social media is tiring. Creating presence – the process itself is so tiring. And yes reading is the best thing we can indulge ourselves in.

  22. Good post. We are addicted. I feel that I do keep my interactions to a minimum but I think even that is a lot. We cannot break this cycle even though its killing us. The Social Dilemma is a superb movie but its scary and I feel they didn’t even show half of the actual story.

  23. I watched the video only recently and I agree with you. You are spot-on in your assessment. While television channels are busy telling us about Bollywood’s involvement in drugs social media is busy drugging us as you say. You have put it very aptly there. Agree hundred percent with your assessment of social media.

    1. I am so glad you could relate to my post and found it so good. Thank you for your kind words, it really helps me to uplift myself and keep writing. Thanks for visiting by, really means a lot.

  24. See the irony, I just shared this post on social media. I agree with your each line. Social media is ruling us and we are not able to realize it. Better to snooze off in every few days. Limit daily use and keep likes menia side.

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