N-Nurture Your Dreams (A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

Since I have been writing about my wish-list all these days I thought to write a small poem on the dreams that I wish to nurture. Like I have been writing all the time, my dreams, my wishes are the only tiny little hope I live on. I hope I nurture them with care, work hard on them, do things that bring me closer to accomplish my dreams and see them coming to life.

Nurturing my dreams,

Like I live and breathe for them.

Dreams, that make me feel alive,

as they are a spark in the dark,

that gives me a zeal to live life.

Dreams I wish to see them coming to life.

Like a free bird, I wish to live my life.

Dreams are my sole reason to live life

my fear is only, what if they never come to life?

I hope I will see my wishes and dreams coming true someday, I hope to never give up on them and I hope to never let myself down…

2 thoughts on “N-Nurture Your Dreams (A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

  1. One of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is make a conscious effort to nurture our goals and dreams. After all, isn’t nurturing care what makes everything grow? Our dreams and goals are certainly living things, breathed into being by our own thoughts. It is vital to nurture them and encourage them to grow and thrive, or else they will surely perish. Your poem was amazingly written and felt so nice reading it. You are a blessed poetess.

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