M- Making Myself Proud. (A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

I live and breathe for my dreams and wishes to come true someday. I long for them to come real than just be in my head like a fog…

I want them to come to life.

There are only two things in my life till now that make me feel proud of myself. Actually three.

One is publishing my collection of poems Escape-a collection of enigmatic feelings. It was a haste decision though. I had finished with my post-graduation exams by May 2019 and I had nothing exciting to look forward to. I was trying to get my collection of poems to get published in a paperback form since 2017 but it wasn’t going in my favor. So I just came up with the idea now that I don’t have a light in the darkness, let me become my own spark of light and I decided to go ahead with publishing it on amazon kindle.

The next thing that made me proud was on my Post-graduation convocation day. It’s the happiest moment in my life after like ages. It’s like in the past few years, only this brings a fury of happiness and joy within me. I was happy and I still feel happy thinking about it. I am grateful and happy for choosing to study Masters in English Literature and completing it.

The next thing that will make me proud is how I have turned into an artist especially a painter. The painting came to me very naturally and in a surprising way. If in my school days someone would have told me I’ll be a painter, I would have laughed so hard. I was that bad at drawing and painting. But today I am both a painter and a graphic illustrator who still needs to work a lot but I have come a long way…

old illustration work

The next I am awaiting is when I will start painting my own creations and also take my illustrations journey to the next level.

But you know what I am waiting for the most, writing a book, a story that fills me up with happiness and inspiration to write the story so while reading the readers feel the same.

I don’t know what life holds for me, it’s more dark now. But I hope I will find the inspiration and courage to fight back the odds and accomplish all that I wish for. My life has been to some extent bit of surprises. All unplanned and sometimes I feel some things have perfectly fallen into the right place at the right time.

The day I become a good writer at least if not a best-seller, a writer who is interviewed or is giving a motivational speech somewhere to inspire someone out there, that will be my day. I am not waiting for anything more than this… A writer whose stories bring a little change if not a huge one, a writer whose stories inspire at least 10 people if not 100, a writer who looks in the mirror and says… “I did it…” that’s the only day I dream and have been dreaming about for years now…

And last but not the least, I wish to become financially independent. This is something I am working on very hard. My art is the only thing that drives me every day and only through my art I wish to make a career now… I am hoping things work out for me somehow… Just somehow…

2 thoughts on “M- Making Myself Proud. (A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

  1. I saw myself as I read this post.
    We have this in common.
    I’ve always done things which would make me proud of myself.
    Good Luck, achieve more heights in life.

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