I- Ice Skating (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

If you have spent all your life in Mumbai you might understand there is no winter for us. Except in 2019, there was quite a good winter season I experienced in my life. But not that bad as to wear warm clothes, I mean we did survive it.

So for me places where there is ice, snowfall, are intimidating. Though I am sensitive to cold, I cannot handle the coolness of an air-conditioner for long, so you can imagine what will happen to me if I am in a snowy kind of region.

But of course, I can take precautions, wear warm clothes and things will be taken care of. I always see people in movies ice-skating and I have this wish to do it once in my life.

I know it will take practice to become a pro but I wish to learn it, practice it and have the time of my life.

I used to skate when I was little, those roller skating I am talking about. But have never tried ice-skating.

Today (i.e yesterday for you all) I was just staring at one of my paintings and it’s the most favorite one for mine so much so I refuse to give it away or sell it out. In fact, all the paintings I have in my room I refuse to give it away or sell them because they are close to my heart, I started with them as a painter, one by one so I refuse to just let it get off from my eyes.

This is the painting and I was thinking if I could just step inside the painting and settle down in that house, between the mountains, and trees and snow and just be there away from all the chaos and troubles and live in peace all my life…

And talking about ice, I would get to learn ice skating, I would get to read books, write my thoughts down, be away from this everyday mundane life and just live in peace, away from everything and everyone.

I wish and only wish…

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