New Beginnings Year 2020! (2/2)

Happy New Year! May your year be about genuine happiness and smiles and success and good health.

I hope I emerge as a much better writer/blogger/ graphic illustrator/ painter this year…

I know it’s been like ages since I have blogged and disappeared like all of a sudden. I was actually completely lost, (I still am) and could not find a way to get back to blogging or do anything…

But I was still working on my goals at a snail’s speed because I had no motivation to do so. So since 2019 have just ended and I really am in low spirits I thought let’s at least try to end it at a good note and try to do what I have been doing best or at least trying to be good at. Even though I was away I was still working on some personal projects that I wish to showcase now even though I am not ready as of yet.

But let’s just hope I at least start somewhere to get somewhere better and then maybe I may things might fall in place.

Yesterday I revealed my logo pic and I am happy and still, the excitement has not died as of yet… yayiieee !

Um… I have been planning to launch my new Instagram page and a new facebook page which will be a brand new start and a new way to blog and put forward my point of view on things that I wish to talk and also use my illustration skills with blogging. So even though I have some designs and ideas ready I will go slow and you may find me blogging either once a week or maybe twice a week.

But I will surely be active on Instagram and Facebook page where I will be posting my illustrations and short writeups. So you can follow me there and be in touch. Till then hope you having a wonderful time and hope you missed me. lol

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