Reader’s Block…

Good Morning!

How have you been? I am fine…Just fine.

Remember our Mantra?

“No one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first and everything else will fall in place. Trust me!” 

Firstly, I am really grateful and thankful to everyone who visited my blog and showered all the love. When I opened my blog to write this blogpost I had a total of 65 comments on my blog and it’s really really huge for me. I have never seen so much love for my writing.

Most of you could relate to my writings and some of you have really appreciated my writing style it seriously means a lot to me especially when I am going through a rough phase. A phase which also has self-doubt lingering around.

I am here today to talk about something which is very surprising to me, it’s making me more uncomfortable day by day and more anxious. The irony is I had blogged about “Books being my best friends, something that makes me feel comfortable and home…”

But I am going through something exactly opposite. Something that is very much new, surprising more like a shock to me. I am going through a phase called as a “Reader’s Block” and this word sounds to me like the same way “Voldemort” was spoken off in Potter’s world. Something like a curse and being scared off.

I did not even know something like this even existed I thought I am the only one going through something weird like this until I came across some few more blogs where the word was mentioned and I googled about it and there it was. It existed for some reason.

It’s something like you are unable to read a word, like even if you are reading, you are easily distracted, or just reading but unable to register, unable to relate to even a word. And this really makes me feel worse. Because reading is the only escape that has worked for me for every problem in life.

If I have a writer’s block or something, I read and there I am back to writing if I am going through creativity block, I read and there I am back to my creativity, if I feel like I really need someone, I read, there I feel home, if I am feeling lost, I read and there I somehow figure out what is that I need to do next.

But what to do when everything is falling apart, and even reading isn’t working for you? Like every day I look at a book or my collection of books and my heart aches to know the fact that READING IS NOT WORKING FOR ME?

This time blogging/writing is helping me to survive, but I yearn to read something. Anything…

Have you ever been to such phase? What do you think I should do? Because this is really making me very uncomfortable…

If you have any suggestions, ideas let me know. Even though I feel I am quite close to my solution but still… Do give your advice if you can…

Have a beautiful day ahead.

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21 thoughts on “Reader’s Block…

  1. I have had a Writer’s block for almost 6 months where I just didn’t feel like writing. I read a few books, watched a few series in order to get out of the writing slumber, but nothing worked. Eventually, a trigger was what required and I got it while watching an ad. That’s how I beat writer’s block.

    1. I know I have been there.. It’s just a phase and you just need to trick your mind and let it relax a bit. Thank You for visiting my Blog it really means a lot. I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

  2. first of all, let me tell you. you write awesome. Don’t know it is god gifted or you developed such a great writing skill but your writing is really impressive. keep it up. yes! if we face writing block then why not reading block is possible. I think you haven’t given rest to your brain and mind, you are working, reading or writing hard without taking breaks. at some point our brain exhausts and these type of problems we face. take rest, take a small break.

    1. Thank You so much for appreciating my writing. It really means a lot to me. I am realy happy reading this comment. Thanks a lot.Thank You for visiting my Blog it really means a lot. I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. Well, i think many of us go through the “Reader’s Block” (though i got to know of the term after reading your post) and the best way to deal with it is to let it be. When I faced the block once, all i did was not to push myself too hard. I spent a while reflecting upon it and identified that my need /urge to read something different and exceptional was the cause of it. Also, i think writing and reading are 2 sides of the same coin. If your creative juices are in full flow while writing, then, sooner or later, the inspiration/ motivation to go and read something will happen. So, just be patient and go with the flow.

    btw, nice post 🙂

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