A break is Necessary

Good Morning!

How have you been?

I am fine! Just fine…

Remember our Mantra?

β€œNo one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first and everything else will fall in place. Trust me!”

2019, have not been an easy year, not at least for me. It gave me a lot of good things but in a very hard way. It actually is like going into my nerves, annoying me the most, exhausting me but at the end bringing the best out of me. I don’t know how the rest of it goes, but I am not expecting it to be anything… Just neutral.

I am having a bowl of ice -cream while writing this. Past few days have been really tiring and hectic and not that great. It actually made me feel like there is no light in this darkness but then I somehow survived like always.

I did nothing much productive today that is while I am writing this post it’s still Friday and when you’ll read this post it will be Saturday. I just did one productive thing that is went gym today. I did not do any illustrations although a lot of work is to be done, I did not do any kind of art, or reading or anything. I just lazed around and it felt nice because I have been going too hard on myself since past few months/days and I really am in need of a break. And I feel okayish to not do anything and just laze around because it’s okay to do nothing at times… I hope I just don’t hang in this mood and tomorrow I’ll be back on being productive.

So, I thought maybe sharing my thoughts here would be like icing on the cake. I just feel like going on a mini-vacation now, like where there is no network and especially internet connections. Get back to reading which I am finding it hard to do, write, doodle, take a walk around nature and just be free of all the chaos and worries for some time.

Then I remember childhood, how wonderful that phase was and being adults we miss it so much. Adulting is hard, it’s worse… And I so wish to go back to my childhood. Do you feel the same?

I will end my blog here because I am really tired and feel like just lying up in bed and watching Netflix. I hope to have a better weekend, I have to catch up reading blogs, do some illustration work, do some art for fun and hopefully get back to reading.

Oh! I need to clean up this desk too, it’s too messy… See Adulting never leaves you alone… πŸ™

Ignore my sentimental emotions and have a happy, relaxing and beautiful weekend ahead! Would love to know your plans too…

Also, I am really thankful to all those who shared their thoughts on my blog post. It really means a lot. Will be replying to comments soon…

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113 thoughts on “A break is Necessary

    1. I am a Mom to a 18 months old son and I have so much to do with blogging and everything but I always make it a point to have an off day on Sundays..

  1. Indeed adulting is really hard and suddenly you open up to such hostile environment all there alone with time ticking. Even I need a break many times.

  2. No one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first and everything else will fall in place. Trust me – Thats really great dear

  3. A break is necessary in every field. It basically calms the current situation and adds a balance to life. You are pouring your heart out through the post.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  4. No one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first and everything else will fall in place.

    Personal experience tells me that attitude or mantra is pernicious. Caring for others brings solid happiness. Have you ever experienced that?

  5. I agree with you that unless we love ourselves we cannot love the world. It is like a bottom up approach. We are part of the world. If we love the part, the whole falls into place. There is no problem if you earned your good things through hard effort. Anything hard-earned has two benefits. First it stays with you longer. Second you know potential pitfalls in case it goes away and you know how to get it back. Finally, yes we need to take a break once in a while. Break means a different thing to different people. Some sleep, some go away, some do different things from the routine. Whatever works for you.

  6. A break is very essential for everyone it’s a way to jump-start the mind. when things get too much for me i watch a movie sleep and then think about work in a with a relaxed mind. it helps me a lot

  7. I can so identify with you here Nazish! It is totally ok to take a break from life and responsibilities. In fact, it is imperative to our well-being!

  8. I can so much relate to this post because even I took a break from writing just after publishing my first book in May 2019 and I resumed my writing by this challenge now. This break surely helped me regain my senses and do better.

    1. I am glad you appreciated my thoughts and efforts here. I am really thankful. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. it means a lot. Please keep visiting by.

  9. Hi, your post does ring a bell for me πŸ™‚
    At times, there’s peace in doing “nothing” and i think that’s okay. All we need to do is to listen to our body and do likewise (without any guilt, whatsoever). At times, we should let our heart take a call πŸ™‚
    For me too, Childhood definitely holds an edge over Adulthood !
    Nice post, straight from the heart !

    1. I hope and pray the rest of the days on 2019 turn out the best days. Take care and be positive. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. It really means a lot… Keep visiting by. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh 2019 has been the worst year for me. I too hope that what has gone was all that i had to endure and things turn better now. This blog is a piece of palace that people around the world sometimes have low days and ita okay tk take a break. #damurureads #myfriendalexa

    1. i am so glad you could relate to my blog post and I hope the left days of 2019 are hopeful and good and fruitful for you. TAKE CARE. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here.

  11. its totally okay to do nothing sometimes. Absolutely. we tend to overburden ourselves thinking that we are the only one person who is the incharge of everything but our brain, our body need a break to function properly.

    1. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. I am glad you enjoyed reading it and appreciated my way of expressing. It really means a lot. Hope you will keep visiting by.

    1. I am very much thankful to you for appreciating my writing style and I can see you have read more of my blogpost and loved each one of them. I am so thankful and grateful…It made my day. Thank you for visiting by and I hope you will keep visiting.

  12. I completely agree with you. adultiing is hard and as a grown up we all had tons of responsibility all the time. indeed we all need timely break to get back positive energy and good mood. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

  13. That’s true self-love is important and a short break too. In my daily routine, I make sure to take out some time for myself only. But that doesn’t work until we get a short vacation for ourself. I just loved this post

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