Why I choose Books Over People?

Good Morning!

Remember the mantra?

“No one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first, rest everything will fall in place. Trust me!” 

I will always choose books over people. Books heal me, understand me, support me, and take me on adventures that I miss in my life.

Honestly! I am not a people’s person. I am just not, and I don’t even wish to be. All I want is just me left all alone in my own space and let me be and I guess I am already working on it. I have distanced myself from everyone because of the fact that I just want to be left alone, in my own little space.

Because even if you go to the moon for people, or even if you like try your best like 90% to do anything for people, they will always complain about the 10% you didn’t. That’s the fact.

Given a chance I would love to become a traveler, travel the world with my books and find a remote place to live in and settle down there with my books, art and writing to be done all alone.

Why I became so rigid?

Well, the experience of life taught me to be less ‘all giving’ for people who will only stand by you when things are in their favor and chose to leave when you don’t act as they expect you to be. It’s that simple for people to judge you and find only negative in you, pull you down, while you will be giving all yourself to them. When you don’t act according to them and they give you this cold behaviour it hurts. Being a human you won’t be perfect, you will do mistakes some big some small, all you can do is try to mend things and if they are exhausting you, leave it. Just go with the flow. The people who wish to stay will do anything to stay, will forgive you, or seek forgiveness from you and do anything to stay, the people who CHOOSE to leave you will find every reason and every chance possible to leave you. And when I learned this, that I am being expected to be too much, I stopped… I would love to be in my own cacoon than deal with people.

And books, they help me find myself when I get lost, they heal me when I feel I am broken beyond repair, they don’t talk but when books are read, they give you a lot to learn. They don’t judge you, they don’t complain, only be with you, teach you so much and never leave by your side. I feel books understand me much better than anyone else.

They welcome me with open arms and just by looking at them, going through them, I feel happy. No matter which kind of books one reads, be it the silly romcoms, be it chick-lit, be it fantasy (my favorite), be it fiction, non-fiction, books have so much to give and so much of comfort. They make you feel good, they take you away from your worries and stress.

And so I choose books over people, because books don’t control you, they don’t demand anything from you, they don’t expect you to be perfect, they don’t make you feel unimportant, they don’t just leave you when you utmost need them, they don’t make you feel small, or unwanted.

All they give you is the comfort, love, knowledge and an escape from this filthy cruel world.

I always feel like I am lost, I question my existence every day, why am I born? what am I doing with my life? When I am in the middle of something and I keep asking myself, why am I doing this? what am I doing (mostly in the kitchen while cooking or washing dishes.) because I often do things just for the sake of doing it.

Even when things I love doing like writing, painting, sketching, illustrating, and if nothing of these are working, if my mind is messed up and thoughts are taking over me, I feel like a failure (just like I am feeling while writing this blog post) like a constant failure.

Even when I am trying to stay positive, I feel it’s not worth it. Who cares what I feel, what I think, if I am happy or not and I slowly start to shut myself down to one thing- “Books”

In every low point of my life, books have picked me up and helped me gain my sanity back, they have healed me and helped me to get back to life. Books give me the escape that no one has ever done for me. Books have stood by me and will always stand by me when people prove to be a disappointment. People are a huge disappointment (including me!)

Books will never leave by my side, even when people do, they never turn back and try to understand me, people will judge me, hate me, criticize me, think ill about me, pull me down, control me, dominate over me, Books won’t…

Books will always be good towards me and help me to escape when I need it, help me to learn, help me to broaden my perspective and help me to heal…So I feel books are better than people and I will always find comfort in books than people…

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

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38 thoughts on “Why I choose Books Over People?

    1. So true, Books heals me too, reading heals me too, makes me stronger in every way and get me ready to hit back against negativity by their points ,but yeah not on the opportunity cost of my social life. just like books I do love to be in the people too.

      1. Amazing to know how books help you. I know social life is as important but as I am an introvert, I feel good around books.:) Thanks for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. Means a lot.

  1. I’m a lover of books and quite a loner too. I chose solitude for reasons very similar to yours. In case you’re interested in more about me, my memoir is available at Amazon: Autumn Shadows by Tomichan Matheikal. I’d love to read your review. If you wish I can send you a review copy via Amazon gift coupon. By the way, it’s an ebook. no print version. My email id is tmatheikal@gmail.com – in case you’re interested in the book.

    1. I will surely read your book. I too have published my ebook, which is a collection of poems. Hope you will find it interesting and read it too. I am glad you could visit by and leave your thoughts here. It means a lot.

  2. I can very well resonate with this post. Some people are always unhappy even if you do 10% for them. Then why not opt books over people, at least each day you learn something new, they don’t crib and deepen your knowledge. I also happen to choose dogs over humans. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

    1. Wow! amazing thoughts and can totally relate. Even if we do like 90% for people because that was our only limit, still, they have the nerve to crib about the rest 10%. Thanks for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. It really means a lot.

  3. It’s a pretty big world and I hope you meet the right friend, with whom you could share stories about the books you love and make the joy of reading even better!

    You’ve got a wonderful writing talent to express your thoughts in a very lucid manner! Keep up writing!

    1. Hope! I can’t be thankful enough to you for appreciating my writing as I am drowning in self-doubts these days. I am glad you could make it here and visit by, your comment just uplifted my spirits. Thank You so much for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. It means a lot.

  4. I can totally correlate with your feelings. These feeling come from the expectation that we have from people. The fact that you are writing this post makes you a winner. Books have also helped me a lot in my times of crisis. They still act as a crutch for me. It was nice to read in your post that you have such similar feelings as me. I guess this is a sign of introverts.

    1. Expectations truly hurt. I am so glad you could relate to my post. It means a lot. I feel introverts always can realate. hehehe… Thanks for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. I am so happy to read your comment. thanks a lot.

  5. Wonderful subject for a blog. Books are the best friends one can have for life. They will never leave u nor let u down and there is a book for every age and occasion. #wordsmithkaurreads #MyFriendAlexa #BlogChatter

    1. I loved the fact that you found my topic so amazing and yeah! books are for everyone irrespective of age. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here, means a lot.

  6. Honestly I’m not a peoples person either and I agree with you that no matter what you do sometimes it is just not enough and it’s better to live in your own space and purse you your hobbies

    1. I know, people are always full of greed and complaints, whereas books they just give you comfort and teach you a lot. Thank you for visiting by and leaving your thoughts here. It means a lot.

  7. You wrote well and exactly books don’t control you, they don’t demand anything from you, they don’t expect you to be perfect, they don’t make you feel unimportant, they don’t just leave you when you utmost need them, they don’t make you feel small, or unwanted.

  8. It is true that humans are opportunist but books are not. You never know who will stand by you until the moment of the test arrives. Books teach us so much, humans, on the other hand, comes as a lesson.

  9. So very true. Books don’t judge you, they don’t desert you when you really need them. Books are the best indeed. Curling up with a book is one of the best feelings indeed. They entertain you without expecting or asking anything in return. Books over people, anyday!

  10. Hey! Give it a li’l time – you will have people who heal you, guide you and be absolutely loving when you need them to me just like a book! Of course, I love books and I too made them my best friend – but life has taught me that human contact is way more important than anything else! I loved your post though 🙂

  11. I’m a recluse by nature and prefer to keep all human interactions as minimum as possible. Even then, I prefer a message over a call and definitely over a meeting in person. This post is so much me. I would any day choose a book over a person. I guess some of us are wired like that. Glad to connect with a similar soul.

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