What is Self-Love?

Good Morning!

I am changing my Mantra from today… it’s “No one matters and Nothing matters, all that matters is me…Myself. “

The thing that’s been missing in my life is Self-Love. I know this for the longest time ever in my life. But somehow I keep forgetting about it. Somehow I just don’t realize I give away too much of myself and then forget my own self. I overthink and get self-conscious for the simplest thing in life.

I have written some blog posts about self-love in the past and to be honest I can even write a book on it, but when it comes to actually practice it, I fail?


Because I really don’t know what self-love is. I was not taught about it. It was never inflicted in me since childhood. All that we are inflicted is “what will people say?” Think before you do anything because what people say is what matters the most than how you actually feel, what actually you want. No one asks us or care about what we want, how you feel?

Since the past few months I have been trying to drag myself, but to be honest I am not content with whatever that’s happening around. I feel empty. Like empty even when I type this blog post.

And so since past few days, I have been thinking about self-love. What is self-love? And when I think of it. I go blank. So I read about it… still reading it and will continue to read about it to know how to fall in love with your own self because, to be honest, that’s the most important factor of our lives. It’s something very very crucial as all our problems like self-doubt, low confidence, easily getting affected by people’s perception of us and their words…All these problems have only one solution. Self-love.

Like I am someone who gets easily affected by what people say and thinks about me, I have no confidence in myself and self-doubt is like the worse demon residing within me.

It’s not that I don’t love myself. I do love myself but not enough. I need to love myself more than my insecurities and free myself from the cage of people’s perception.

I want to embrace all my imperfections. I want to be just me. Just the way I am. I don’t want anyone’s opinions to matter. I just want to be happy and content with myself. And this is the reason why I have started blogging every day. To start the journey of loving myself. To embrace everything about me and just share my journey here. I want to talk about everything that is there in my mind. I feel good blogging whatever that is on my mind. Like I know the past few days I am blogging about the negativity that’s because I wanted to empty my mind from all the negativity. So I thought to just rant whatever is there on my mind.

This blog is my space and I don’t give a damn about who is reading and what they think about me if they read all this. Because I don’t care. I want to blog for myself, this is my journey and you know what I really look forward to just blog, write anything I wish. Just normally, no pressure nothing. Just write what I feel.

I feel that is also important to actually let all your feelings come out, let it flow before they start controlling you? Isn’t it?

I really want to know if you are reading this? What self-love means to you? Like if you have any advice for me, please feel free to leave them. I would love to hear, and if no one is reading this, well then…let’s wait till September starts. I have a piece of exciting news coming up.

I am going to blog every day, till I can manage. Because I am seriously, truly loving this and I really want to do this for myself. Not for the readership or to take my blog to another level, or for any other reason. But just for myself.

That’s it for today…

Have a beautiful, positive and loving day ahead…

Don’t forget to love yourself and appreciate yourself enough. You are doing great and you will continue to do great! Okay?

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