A Letter To My Teenage Self.

I know I have been off from my blog, this week I have only posted once and this is the last post of the week. But I am working on something which I am not sure how successful it will be but still… Trying it out.

Anyway, I have always loved letters (and still do) but have never received one and so today I am going to write a letter to my teenage self that I wish someone would’ve told me back then…

Dear Teenager Me,

Life is not meant to be easy and it’s never going to be. You will have to fight back every odds that will come your way. I know how it feels to be secured and laid back, but what when things will start getting tough and when you are well aware of the facts then why this laidback attitude? Why being so lazy and only procrastinating everything but doing nothing?

The dream that you are having is much more important than trying to fit in the crowd. The dream of being a writer will never get accomplished until you yourself don’t try to write and write every day.

To become a good writer, one has to be a good reader, and you should and must read a lot. You should try to give your 100% to everything that you do. Don’t try to overburden yourself but try to accomplish whatever that you are capable of doing.

Self-love is something you must always practice and especially at this age because that is how you will gain confidence. Love yourself before you start loving others, accept yourself first before you start expecting people to accept yourself.

You are much more than you think about yourself, you can do a lot more in your life than you could ever imagine. I wish I could make you see the future and tell you how long you’ve come and how much more you’ve explored yourself throughout these years.

Try to be patient with yourself and try to analyze where you are going wrong? before taking any step ahead. Don’t take decisions in haste. Go easy on yourself.

Remember one most important thing, not everyone is worth your time and energy. People come in your life for a purpose and once their purpose gets over they leave. No one is going to stay back forever, there is no forever in this world. Be stronger and wiser. Be your own superhero.

Stop being lazy and start being super active and become a morning person. You must make use of time properly and start planning everything beforehand. Planning and being an early bird these two habits will take you a long way and will help you stay focused and will keep you on track. (and something I am still working on)

Remember write every day, read every day, stop being hard on yourself, and most important thing, learn to love yourself. Attachments are to make you weak, start becoming self-dependent and be the lioness you’ve always been.

You are beautiful just the way you are. Stay super strong.

Love You Always.

Take Care.

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