Have you ever felt like you are not at all happy with how life is moving, you have nothing exciting to do, you are exhausted with every feeling you have within and you need something to make you feel happy, get away from this exhaustion and do something exciting?

I launched this website for the same reason, I wanted to have something that it is just for me, something that I wish to do for myself, for my happiness even when I was not ready. I was not at all ready for the A to Z blog challenge but I entered it anyway and yes, I do feel guilty for rushing into things and being irregular now, but at least when I come back I feel happy and content to share my thoughts here and I can’t wait to share more. I have halfway through planned everything about this blog, about my content I just need some time to do a bit more.

And this time I don’t wish to rush into something, I wish to not exert myself and not get myself feel exhausted.

There is a lot to do, I have exams coming up in month of May, I have to plan my blog and edit some previous content, have to plan theme and everything. For the time being I did whatever I could but I need to work a bit more on my website theme and appearance.

I have this exhausted feeling not because of the blog but because of my studies, submissions and things that I wish to do and am not able to do because everything is getting piled on and I have all my to-do-list undone.

In one of my post I also spoke about I am trying my hand on bullet journaling and trust me it’s so creative but again I don’t have time to stick to it. I want to write and read every day but my studies and submission take away most of my time because of which I am unable to do things I wish to do which makes me feel irritated and exhausted.

This is the very reason I wish to take a break from blogging because I wish to come prepared, I wish to come back with better content and with a fresh mind and fresh plan.

Have you ever felt exhausted like there is nothing you can even try to get rid of that feeling and then you take some kind of baby steps to distract yourself from that feeling of exhaustion and feel good at least about one thing. That one thing for me is my blog. It’s like my escape for a little while.

7 thoughts on “X-E(X)hausted

  1. If you need to take a break from blogging, then do so. Going to school can be overwhelming and time consuming by itself. But trying to blog and go to school is even harder. Just do what is best for you and everything will work out.

  2. I feel you girl, I’m exhausted too though mine has more to do with taking care of my son while blogging! I encourage you not to give up the challenge though. If you’ve reached this far, then you can certainly complete it too.

    1. Thank you for visiting by, it means a lot. I understand how difficult it gets to manage kids and blogging and other responsibilities, women like you and many others out there are someone who inspires me to keep going on if you all can do it, so can I.

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