P- You’ve been so Patient With Me. (Poem Post)

You’ve been so patient with me,

You’ve always been there when I have had a fall,

Thanks for being there, when no one was. 

You’ve lighten up my world, when it was dark,

You valued me when everyone only saw my flaws. 

You gave me a purpose to live, while everyone loved to pull me down.

You’ve no idea how greatful I am to have you.

When nothing seems right, you still choose to stick by my side.

Even at times when  you were angry with me still you never left me alone.

When life was turning upside down, you were making me laugh till my tummy used to hurt.

You were there to hold on to me when I was falling apart, 

You made me believe in me, You saved me from the dark.

Thanks for being patient with me when no one else was,

Thanks for being there when no one was…


If you liked this poem Tag or dedicate this poem to your parents, best friends, soul mate, spouse, siblings anyone who has been with you always and have always stood by you no matter what and let me know how they felt. 🙂

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