H- Hydrate Your Self

Another day of A to Z challenge and another week to go. Have you participated in A to Z blogging challenge? How is it going? I would like to know your first week experience.

But first let me drink some water and hydrate my self which itself is going to be my topic of the day. Keep yourself hydrated. This is one of the most important thing I have learnt in my life is to keep my self hydrated.

I have been listening to this advice since my childhood but never took it seriously. But since past two to three years I do make it a point to drink loads of water. There are still times when I forget to drink ample of water. Why am I talking about this?

The moment this A to Z blog challenge came to me the very next moment this topic came in my mind to share. I wanted to speak how important it is to hydrate your self not just for healthy body and healthy skin reasons but also for healthy soul and healthy mental life as well.


I have noticed in my low points in life, or when I am writing an examination or when I am very stressed and in all these times when I drink water, I felt calm, I felt a bit of patience level build up to tackle the situation, which eventually gave me time to understand and analyze what is it that I need to do next.

Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is one basic thing we all need to learn. This is one basic teaching of life I wanted to share and the most important one because I feel water is a saviour. Water helps us in many ways, it helps to lose weight, it helps in getting healthy skin. Most of our skin issues are because of the fact that we don’t keep our self hydrated and the same is for our health issues. Our joints need water. I hear so many adults today even young adults complaining about joint issues which actually can be solved by drinking water as per our body intake.

So many doctors, health advisers, beauty advisers keep insisting on keeping yourself hydrated, keep drinking water.

If you are someone who feels drinking plain water is boring, there are many ways you can drink water infused with fruits which are also helpful in detoxifying your body. There are sports drink which has taste as per your choice. So while reading this blog, do make sure you are hydrated and if not, then please go and drink water.

This was really basic but most important and I felt to share about it. I know it sound really stupid but when you realize how important water is, you will know why I cared to share this.

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    1. Thank You So Much for visiting. I appreciate your efforts and time spent on my blog. I know its difficult to read so many blogs. For me I am losing the spirit but I’ll complete the challenge any way.

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