My AtoZ Blog Challenge Theme Reveal!

It’s not the first time I am doing AtoZ blog challenge. I had done one A to Z blog challenge back in 2016.

But this time it’s going to be different? Why?

Because this time I am participating in Blogchatter AtoZ blogging Challenge. Blogchatter is a community that helps bloggers boost their blogging skills and help them to connect with other bloggers as well.

AtoZ blog challenge starts on 1st April and for 26 days we have to post on the 26 topics in AtoZ format. Like on 1st April, a topic that starts with the letter A and on 2nd April it goes to letter B and so it goes on like this. We do get a holiday from blogging on Sundays. Lol! Well, it’s a good way to stick to a plan, write every day, plan before time, and get along with other bloggers, read more blogs and the most important thing, learn in the process.

So my theme for this AtoZ blogging challenge is Simple Life Lessons that I could think of. I am not that great at this, but I feel that itself will make it interesting, a challenge within the challenge. Write something you are not comfortable about. I have not done any major planning but roughly I do have some ideas as to how will I go about it. Hoping to learn a lot and enjoy this challenge. There are many bloggers around the world who are participating in this challenge. It will be lovely! to read so many different people writing on different topics based on different themes.

I am personally very excited about this challenge. I hope I just make it through and write some amazing content on this theme and hope it makes a difference to someone out there.

If you are also participating in AtoZ blogging challenge then please leave a comment with the link of your blog and I would love to visit your blog throughout April and maybe even after that and read the amazing blogs you will be posting.

2 thoughts on “My AtoZ Blog Challenge Theme Reveal!

    1. Thank YOU for making time to visit my blog. I appreciate a lot. I would love to read your amazing blogs every day this April. Have visited your blog and it’s amazing work that you are doing. Looking forward to more reading from you. All the best.

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