23 years of life and still going strong…

23 Years oF lIFE (1)


January, a month when I was born, so naturally I be a little (just a bit excited). No, not for the gifts and celebration which has already gone down the line over the years. There is no special tradition that I follow just meeting friends who are more acquaintance. But this year, I did have two of my closest cousins to spend the whole day with me and that really meant a lot and made my day even when I was expecting nothing. There have been birthdays in the past which I have spent lazying on the couch questioning my existence, and there have been birthdays which were made special by near and dear ones, so yeah! I just don’t expect a lavish party or gifts or surprises on my birthday. But I be excited about the fact that its the first month of the year and we can start fresh and plan things for the year and work harder towards our goals.

The thing is I don’t celebrate birthdays not because I am a boring person (which I am) but because some years back, I made a promise to myself that the day I become something, the day I achieve my dreams and goals and prove myself, only after that I will celebrate my birthdays to the fullest. So the day I achieve my goals and make my dreams come true will be the day I will feel that yes now I can celebrate life…But I don’t know when that day will come? Will it come when I am still young or maybe it might come when I am crossing 50 to  60 years of age? But one thing I am sure about is my dreams will come true, I will make them come true. It will take time of course but that day will surely come. I believe in my dreams and have complete faith in them. Just like I said earlier in one of my posts that my strength, hope, faith, and dreams all lies in the hands of my Creator, My Allah and so no one can break them or mess with them.

January is the month when I am super positive and super excited for the coming year but this year was different. It was a super stressful month. Things happened one after the other (which I refuse to disclose) but the other reason was my exams. I hated the fact that exams landed in the month of January, a month which I love to spend on my own hobbies and stuff such as blogging, reading, writing and many other activities, which I love to do. In short, I love to spend January with positive thoughts and focus on things I love the most. But this year it was all opposite, a month that was so stressful with so much negativity that it really makes me wonder how the whole year is going to go…

All I hope and pray that how the year 2017 started on a good note and ended on a bad note, the same way 2018 which started on a bad note should end on a good note. Hopefully, I am planning and trying to stay positive and start working on my blogging goals and other goals as well. Let’s hope for the best and let’s start afresh as one month is already down for 2018, let’s get back with a bang on our journey of 2018 with loads of positivity and loads of motivation.



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