To The People.



Since childhood, I have been very bad at knowing people. I have always been around people who are fake, and just know to play their mind games too well. I have always been around people who have tried to manipulate my mind according to them, tried to control me, I have been very unfortunate in knowing people’s true faces and true colors and that is the reason, it is hard for me to trust people these days and also I don’t like to interact with a lot of people. I like to stay in my shell and would like to have only those people around me who are really worth and well-wishers of mine…

I have a huge trust issue problem and I feel every person I meet either have a purpose to stay good to me or just want to play around. I have been judged extremely wrong by many people and these people do include the people who are close to me and people who just pretend to be good to me in person but are the venomous monster within them.


All I want to convey to all those people is YOU CAN KEEP GOING ON. You can still judge me, gossip about me, hate me, pretend to be fake in front of me, criticise me for what I wear, how I carry myself, what I do, where I go. To those who have tried to pull me down and thought you have been successful, tried to control me…

I am not so weak, and no you can’t play with me anymore because and most importantly nothing and no one can break me…Because all my strength, all my dreams, all my hopes, and faith is in the hands of my Creator… So try your level best, you can injure me but you can’t stop me… I can fail, but I will never stop trying and will never ever give up…

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