2018 Goals




Beetein Pal ko tum Rok nehi Paoge, 

toh jeelo har lamha warna afsoos hi kiye jaoge.


2018  is here and I know most of us still don’t believe how fast 2017 ended. At least I could not realize how fast 2017 ended… But anyway, life goes on and so we have to move on…

So here are my major 2018 goals that I really want to follow and accomplish them…

  1.  Write for myself and write fearlessly…

This is something that I need to work on. When I started my writing journey( in 2013) I started writing to impress my readers, but I was wrong. Writing should come from the heart, it should be to vent out our thoughts and feelings and that is what I learned by posting my random messy thoughts on my Instagram writeup page throughout 2017. I just used to post anything that I felt about certain feelings or whatever my thoughts were on certain issues or on random things I came across, and that was really appreciated by many but the best part was I was writing to just vent out my thoughts and not to gain any likes or comments on my post… So yeah! I am going to continue to do the same for my blog. I will write whatever I feel like.

When it comes to writing I need to write openly without fearing what others will think about the certain post I will be writing on. Because of this thought, I have many times ignored writing on certain topics or issues that I really wanted to write or put forward my viewpoints. So this year I will be more open and will write more.

Also, I really need to work on my writing skills a lot, ( a lot means a lot) and so I am looking forward to get some knowledge from my Masters in Literature course as well as practicing writing a lot, so this year I won’t be focusing on getting published unlike all the time, but this year will be more about improving my writing skills and learning more.

2. Read More:

Last year that is in 2017, I had a goal to read 30 books but unfortunately, I could not accomplish my goal and I happened to only read 13 books and it’s disappointing. So this year I have kept my goal to read at least 12 books but being a literature student now I will have to read a lot not only Novels but also other sources which will be important for my master’s course point of view. And so reading a lot will be another goal for this year but reading 12 books is a must.

3. Learn to Love Myself:

This is another major goal that I want to follow is learn to love myself with accepting my flaws… Lately, I have been feeling low because of my low confidence which makes me feel more vulnerable. It affects my verbal communication drastically. I happen to make a lot of blunder with my English grammar and realize only after the sentence is over that I made a mistake. So that is one thing I need to really work on is to love and accept myself the way I am so if I am happy with the way I am I will be more confident. (Hopefully!)

4. Blog more:

I will have to compensate for 2017 and will have to be committed to my blog because I started my writing journey through blogging so if nothing ever worked out in my life, my blog should always work out and for that, I need to be more punctual when it comes to blogging.

5. Learn Something New:

Every year I make a note that I should learn a new skill. So this year also I will make it a point to learn something new and something super cool ( cooking is not in my dictionary, SORRY! Mom. That I will somehow learn because damn! I can’t be rescued from it)

 6. Adapt to healthy Lifestyle:

Last but not the least, this was my goal in 2017 too, but taking it forward I think this will be a lifetime goal because healthy lifestyle should be for the lifetime. So I am looking forward to getting into this and I know this one is going to be super difficult because I am a lazy woman and a foodie by heart. But to save myself from early health issues and getting old at an early age I definitely need to adapt to a healthy lifestyle…

So these were some of my major goals even though there are some other goals which I will also take note of, but these are something I need to seriously follow… Even though the year 2018 is not looking so happening let’s hope for the best and let’s work for the best. Hope you had a fantastic 1st day of the year…

Oh! yes, A very Happy New Year to whomsoever reading this. Stay Blessed.

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