2017 Thanks for the Ride.


I still can’t believe its already the end… Honestly! I don’t want 2017 to end because I still want to live this year to my utmost. I could not achieve most of my goals this year, but it did give me some gifts that will be unforgettable. Why do I adore 2017 since the start because obviously, 17 is the date I was born and it means a lot to me.

When 2017 started, I was full of hopes and motivation and positivity and I knew something special will definitely happen to me this year and guess what? It really did.  I always wanted to pursue literature because I wanted to learn the art of writing and study it and here I am a student of Masters in English Literature. Even though it’s going to be a bit tough for me but I know I will get through it…

But apart from that, I could not do anything productive this year. As the months passed by, the energy level, the positivity vanished away… I could not understand where am I heading, what am I doing…I was lost or better say still lost because 2017 is ending and I am yet not prepared for 2018… NO goals set up, no new diaries bought, no excitement nothing, there is no pinch of motivation. Unlike when 2016 was ending I was counting the days for 1st January to arrive, and here I am still holding on to 2017 and crying like a baby and asking it not to end…


But then life happens… It never stops for anyone or anything and by saying goodbye,2017 gave me another gift that is learning to let it go… Well, I guess it’s time for me to practice it from all my heart in 2018 to let it go…

Apart from being too low on writing stories or novel, I know I haven’t been loyal to my blog as well. Its been ages since I last blogged and never turned back…No blogging marathon done this year… Sad I know. About reading goals, I had set up 30 books to read goal in 2017 but that was also not achieved…Oh! yes… I did learn the art of calligraphy (basics) from my cousin so that is one plus point it that I did achieve to learn something new this year. And learning something new every year is actually my lifetime goal because I have committed to being a lifetime learner/student throughout my life… So this is going to be my every year goal.

But honestly! 2017 did teach me a lot. It taught me a lot of things that I will take time to sink it in but its worth it. It did teach me to never expect anything from people because they are going to leave no matter how close you have been throughout, it taught me that sometimes whatever you are looking for out is sometimes just beside you, we just need to look closely rather searching for it everywhere around. It taught me that at times its okay to do mistakes because it is only through mistakes we learn, it taught me to love myself and enjoy my own company, and there is a huge list but I would like to end with this special lesson that I learned in 2017 and that is to trust carefully… Sometimes our closed ones, our loved ones happens to turn into a venomous snake you’d never want to meet ever in your life.

2017 was not that bad, in fact, it was the best one till now, I made some amazing memories, had some amazing fun, have opened up myself to few, and have chosen to walk away from many… and everything in 2017 was just perfect be it good or bad or worse the bottom line is it has made me stronger and wiser than what I was…

So, I am not yet ready to say goodbye to 2017, but then will have to but what about you? Are you ready?



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