K- Kiss of Love.

Well, today you all my dear readers will have a different post to read. Today I will try to write a short story. A story, after a long time. Finally! and I hope this attempt will prove fruitful to me and you will like it as every day talking to this blank screen with no response (comments) makes me feel insane. So no more chattering and let’s begin the journey….



Susan was at the Shimla airport reading her book as her flight was a bit delayed. Susan was a rich, independent and self-made woman. She was the only daughter of her not-so-good parents who were not divorced and were living somewhere in the world from where Susan would get her monthly juicy cheques from the people who managed to bring her in this world but could not manage to be with her. She was too young when they divorced, she lived with her not-so-concerned mother till then .Later when Susan graduated she started working and then slowly moved out of her mother’s home who had did not bother to stop her child and instead was happy to live happily now with her new boyfriend.

Susan on the other; had started her life with rented apartment which she could pay through her average salary but this girl worked hard and made herself what she is today. The director of an advertising company, with high juicy salary on which she could shop, live, party and would have a luxury holiday in some part of the world.

Susan, as she grew was a spoilt brat. She would have one night stand and no strings attached kind of relationship and sometimes friends with benefits too. In fact, Susan was in Shimla for a business meeting where she shared her bed with one of her colleague’s, she had a shower and left even before the guy with whom she shared her bed would wake up.

Being at the airport since half an hour and still one more hour to go for her flight, she was reading some mystery book. Suddenly she took a break from her reading and headed towards a cafe which was inside the airport. She needed her black coffee without sugar. She entered the cafe with her brown boots on her blue jeans and white shirt messy brown hair left open. She reached the counter and ordered her black coffee.

Taking a seat by the glass window side she waited for her order to come by her table as there were very few people in the cafe. As soon as her coffee arrived on her table she thanked the guy who got her the coffee without a smile. Suddenly the silence at the cafe was disturbed by the giggling of a couple who had just entered the cafe but had a different air around them.The air that every newly- wedded couple would have. The air of Romance.

Susan suddenly looked towards them. The couple was at the counter holding their hands they ordered one cup of cold coffee and took a seat adjacent to Susan. Susan could see how they were completely into each other and how they were just lost in their loving world.

Looking at them Susan started smiling. The couple’s coffee arrived and they were having their cold coffee in one huge glass with two straws inside. Susan could not juts take her eyes off from them. As soon as they finished their coffee, they left the cafe again holding their hands as if they were stuck with some glue.

Susan kept looking at them even when they went out and sat on a bench nearby. Susan looked at them and wished deeply inside her heart if she would have someone to love her so much, for once someone could hold her hand and care for her. And then suddenly she saw them having a small kiss when they thought no one was looking at them. Susan moved her wet eyes and realised she had tears in her eyes for all she wanted in her life was love and a kiss of love. She looked at her not-so-sweet coffee which was now cold, without having her coffee she left after paying for it.

On the flight, she thought to herself, how her life had been and today even though she have everything but she don’t have love which made her feel malaise. The last time he had this feeling was when she was a teenager and then she started ignoring such feelings and being the bad and happy girl in the eyes of people. But none could see what was hidden deep inside her. Not even herself.

Reaching, at her place after a long. hectic and a melancholy journey she reached her 2bhk flat and was surprised to see someone at the door of her neighbour which was since months been locked and no one used to stay there.

“hi, are you my new neighbour?” the strange voice asked Susan.

“well, don’t you think I am supposed to ask you the question?” Mr?

“Oh! is it? well! okay then let’s start again.” the strange man turned around and faced himself the opposite side of Susan…

Susan raised her one eyebrow to the uncanny behaviour of the man.


The strange man again turned around now to face Susan… “what are you waiting for beautiful? I am waiting for you to ask the question…”

The word beautiful brought a slight smile on Susan’s face as for her this word was strange as she was used to words like hot and sexy.

“Do you seriously want to play this crappy game at this hour of the night?” she asked him who had a perfect physique and the, fair complexion, grey eyes and a smile that could make someone die for and the messy hair… she could not move her eyes from him… and he could not stop smiling at her…. (guess the cupid had struck…or was it just another fling?)

“I am Jonathan… your new neighbour” he finally introduced himself…”but you can call me John. He moved his hand further for a handshake with the beautiful lady.

“Susan…” she smiled, answered tiredly and shook her hand.

“Susan…” he repeated with a smile and  with a nod. “What you doing at this hour outside your home?  just moved in?” she inquired to him while opening her door with her keys.

“I have insomnia… so trying to figure out how to pass my time this night at this new lonely place. By the way, I moved in this evening so haven’t settled my things yet and was too tired to wonder around the place…” he said looking at her back while she was still opening her door trying to figure out which key is the right one from her bunch of keys…

“Been to late night party?” he asked…

“Oh! no… work. Had a meeting in Shimla. Just got back.” she replied while moving bags inside her door which finally opened and she closed the door immediately which was an uncanny behaviour for Jonathan….

“she must be tired…” he thought to himself.

After 10 minutes… the door opened again while Jonathan was still sitting near his door reading a book on love.

“Hey! she said… ‘sorry was actually putting my bags at their place and I guess the door closed by itself’. She was in a loose long t-shirt with her SpongeBob cartoon pyjamas…

“Hey, there… that’s fine ,Jonathan replied with a smile.

She sat beside him reading his book’s cover…” I too have insomnia.” she replied and was amazed to see a guy reading a romance Novel…

“oh very well then… Two neighbours having insomnia trying to pass the night together… great” he replied with a charm in his eyes…. they both looked at each other had a rush of feelings between them which none understood what was making them sit together in this late night and that too they were strangers…

“Coffee?” he asked disturbing the silence around.

“Oh, yeah sure only if you are comfortable…” she said.

“Oh, well I have a coffee maker which was the first thing I made it a point to remove from my boxes of luggage. It’s my love of life just like a wife. ” he winked getting up and giving his hand to Susan to help her get up.

‘oh! and by the way excuse my clumsy house as things are yet to be arranged and everything is messy around.

“It’s fine” she say’s and enter his house which had boxes all around all half open and things scattered around… She follow’s him to his kitchen which is empty and messy again.

He makes two large mug’s of coffee and they talk about work, family and then Jonathan suggest they should move towards his balcony which have two chairs and a table. They move towards the balcony, sit there and sip their coffee below the dark night with illuminating stars and cold wind around.

They talk about their life, family, friends and from the information passed on Susan get’s to know that Jonathan works for a PR agency and also aspires to be a writer.

“So what do you wish to write about?” she raised the question for the aspiring writer…

“About Love” he answers. (that’s the reason he reads romance based novels) she thinks to herself.

she smiles and there is silence around… both lost in their thoughts and then she takes a leave saying she needs to rest as she has to report to her office tomorrow.

“well, Susan..would you mind helping me out with this shifting stuff to place them properly tomorrow evening….*silence for a some seconds* only if you are comfortable and free…” he ends…

“Sure. I will” she replies with a smile and wave him  good-bye…

So, they meet the next evening and clean Jonathan’s house. Actually for next 3 evening there is hard work done on Jonathan’s house. Morning they  greet each other while leaving for their office and leave in their respective car’s evening Jonathan is early to come home and then Susan joins him. They have their snacks, dinner and coffee together at Jonathan’s lovely balcony.


At time’s Susan invites Jonathan for dinner at her place and she cook’s delicious chicken with cheesy sauce pasta with boiled baby potato’s in garlic sauce. They start getting close day by day and mostly started even going out together with each other… Day’s past by weeks and then months…

They even started going to each other’s friends parties together and this way they get to know more about each other through their friend’s circle…. Jonathan’s parents had died in an accident but unlike Susan’ parents, Jonathan’s parents were madly in love with each other. Jonathan had their picture which he showed Susan while arranging things at his house. He was then raised by his grandparents, by the time he was settled in his life the too left him one after the other in the same year.  His grandparents too loved each other a lot and so when his grandmom died, his grandpa was left alone and used to miss her so much that after exact 5 months he too expired. Jonathan had love around him but when it came to his life he too only had some flings here and there.  He had never tasted true and deep love like his parents and grandparents had.

One evening…while Susan was late from her work she was surprised to see no calls or text from Jonathan’s end…as they had planned to go for  shopping that evening and she was having the guilt that she could not make up. She had texted Jonathan about her not making up for the plan and she is sorry.

While there was no reply from Jonathan’s end, thoughts started coming to her mind like…’guess I am just an option for him… like just another girl.. if not me he must have went with some of his friends but at least could have replied my text’… She felt annoyed and angry. Or maybe ‘he hardly cares and would be having a great night with some other girl whom he must have just met and would love to bring at his home and share his bed….’ thoughts like this ran through her mind all the while she drove towards her home…

“But why him not replying is affecting me so much? since when have I started caring?”  Have I?? No..NO… This can’t be… He doesn’t feel the same for me… I should not let this happen… ‘ until she knew it was late and she started crying in her car….she had no idea why the tears were rolling down one after the other as if her eyes did not have space to keep them in….She parked her car and dried her eyes… wiped her face and smudged mascara and kohl near her eyes and went off towards her home… Hoping that he should not be at home so that she can easily escape him….she ran towards her door from the escalator and found a note on her door ….

“Will be out tonight can you take care of the parcel that will be left near my door while I am away.” -Jonathan…

She looked towards his door a small box was left by at his door… she moved towards his door to take the parcel and bend to take the parcel… on the top of the box the notes said “move inside” she get’s curious and see’s the door open a bit…

“She walks inside the door opening it wide and suddenly to her dismay she see’s Jonathan with a smile on his face… He is wearing a black suit with white shirt inside and looking the most handsome guy Susan must have met till date. There are candles, flowers, red roses petals all around, white and red ballons all around the floor and white curtains flying from the balcony. The room is dark but illuminating in the candle’s light… There is the balcony’s table and chair in the middle and the table is set with vine and food.

Susan is stunned and she has no idea what was all it about… Until…

Jonathan moves forward and bends on his knees with a bit of shyness in his eyes and he removes a diamond ring from his pocket and places it in front of Susan…

“Since the first time I saw you I had this uncanny feeling within me saying…She is the One. I always had a very  different feeling when you are around me… making me happy and laugh with all your silliness… your imperfections are very much perfect for me… I never knew I would have this rush of feeling ever for someone in life but I have it for you… I know I am not perfect…But I.l always try to keep you happy and give all my love to you…”


Susan has tears rolling down since the time she saw him getting down on his knees and since he is speaking….she was stunned by all the surprises he had planned…

she had a smile and she herself went down on her knees looked in his eyes and said…”Yes, John… I would love to be the love of your life… and he shoved the ring into her finger and then they stood hugged each other tight with triumph and then looked into each other’s eyes with love…He moved a little closer to her lips and she looked on his lips and the slowly they had the Kiss of Love….


Both have had kisses in their life in the past but this kiss was the passionate one the one which had love and the one which is called ‘Kiss of Love’




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