Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

I couldn’t just wait to write something more on my new blog. So I decided to post about the book that I just completed before writing this post. “The Year I Met You” by Cecelia Ahern.


Jasmine is only bothered about two things in her life. Her sister Heather who is born with Down Syndrome and her work helping to start up business. But life is not so jolly to her and when she is fired from her job and kept on gardening leave for a year in the fear she might work for the rival company; Jasmine is lost. She suddenly starts to realize that a lot is been missing from her life. Suddenly the busy-going-woman starts to have ample leisure time and she starts noticing in her quiet neighborhood.

Matta fucked up radio jockey having an intricate life at home, with his wife and children. Jasmine being lost in her thoughts gets easily disturbed by everyday night drama by drunken Matt outside his house as both stayed opposite to each other. Jasmine has a hatred towards Matt since she was a teenager as Matt being a radio jockey since then, had commented on some topic which meant a lot to Jasmine.

It’s a story about how Jasmine while trying to give life to her lifeless garden and in search of her peace finds a lot of things that she missed when she used to be all time busy woman. Jasmine and Matt have a different connection where they realize that they both are sailing in the same broken boat and needs to help each other in order to save themselves too. This way the story revolves around two lives and through them some more lives which give us a sign that when things in life actually seem futile to us, it is the time when life will take such a turn that everything eventually will fall in place.

I love Cecelia Ahern writing style and her stories. They are just marvelous and every time she has something in the box for us. This story though was a slow one, somewhere I felt bored but then the inquisitiveness in a reader made me go further in a slower but better end. I know some of you must have already read it and while checking the reviews I found out some found the book disappointed. So I guess this book will actually give a jubilant and hysterical feeling to someone who is actually lost in life or must have had the feeling of being lost somewhere in life before.

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