It’s been a long day without you!

Hello everyone,

This is me Nazish. I know its been too long since I have written anything. In fact I, myself don’t remember when was the last time I must have written something.

Also, not being regular to my old blog, and not updating any write-up, I guess it’s expired and so I could not find it when I tried getting back to it.

Well, that’s why I had to make a new blog and I feel it’s better to begin a new journey with a new blog. I still don’t know if this will work? Will it give me more readers or should I say will it actually give me any readers. A writer without a reader is incomplete.

That’s the very reason I always feel demotivated and then perhaps! I lose interest in updating my blog. Well, this time I am not making this blog to attract readers, but to get back what I have been losing and missing…  Writing.

Yes, its actually been like ages since I must have written actually sensible or even held a pen to write. Suddenly everything disappeared the words, the plots, the flow to write. As if I never was a writer.

I felt like a body without a soul. Its been too hard. But it was my own decision. Something I can’t open up now. But I will sooner let everyone know why I had to take this vulnerable step.

Anyways, so I started this blog to get back my writing, my only passion, and my only life support to me. So I have created this new exercise for myself (or maybe this exercise already exist, never googled it. Sorry though)

This is A to a Z writing challenge, that I long back had come up upon. But that challenge had a theme according to which one has to write on topics. But my topics are randomly on anything that my mind is currently comfortable with to just let the creative stuff flow easily. So every day I will post a writeup alphabetically but topics of my own choice and not on any theme.

Also here on this blog, I might post my old writeups too, some pictures clicked by me and my thoughts on them.

Hope this time there is someone out there reading me, encouraging me, and helping me be a better writer every day. If anyone out there reading me, do let me know by commenting in the comment box.

And if there is no one reading it, nevermind… I.l still keep writing my thoughts here, as I will fight till the end. I am a lioness that will get defeated but will never stop fighting for her dreams. 🙂

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