Month: June 2016

S- Stand by you.

When days are onerous on you, When life is being unfair to you, when you are mortified and feel malaise, I’ll always stand by you. ….

R- Ramadan.

Many non-Muslim friends of mine do ask me this question about why do we fast in Ramadan and what is the purpose behind it?. So ….


I had no idea what to write from the letter ‘Q’. I feel guilty for not preparing anything for this letter but seriously I thought ….

P- Poem.

I don’t know if this really give’s a feeling of a poem but I tried my best and have given a try after a very ….

O- Optimistic

Today a pretty reader messaged me through a social site that I inspire her. I felt great about it as I always want at least ….

N- Nature Love

It feels so good when your dear readers keep asking you about your next post when you get a bit late to post them…I feel ….

M- Motivation.

  Today, I so wanted to skip writing this post for the day because I am very tired. But some voice from within said… you ….

L-Let It GO.

Hello to all my beautiful/handsome readers. I hope you all had a great day. So did anyone read my last post? The story I tried? ….

K- Kiss of Love.

Well, today you all my dear readers will have a different post to read. Today I will try to write a short story. A story, ….